Newspaper Guild of New York statement on employment termination

The Newspaper Guild of New York issued a statement on the termination of my employment from Thomson Reuters. The statement, issued by Peter Szekely, follows:

“Our contract with Thomson Reuters prohibits management from dismissing anyone without just and sufficient cause. We don’t believe the company has the required justification here. At this point, we intend to vigorously defend Matthew Keys as we would any other hard-working member of the Newspaper Guild of New York who had been fired without cause.”

The Newspaper Guild filed a grievance on my behalf on the afternoon of April 22, 2013 after Thomson Reuters informed me that my employment would be terminated.  I spoke at length about the termination of my employment with Politico’s Mackenzie Weinger and wrote about the firing here.

For more information on the Newspaper Guild of New York, click here.


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