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Philadelphia TV personalities aren’t catty, station says

A YouTube video that purported to show catty interactions between two on-air personalities at a television station in Philadelphia was manufactured for entertainment value, station management said Tuesday.

The video, which showed several uncomfortable exchanges between KYW-TV morning show anchor Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Carol Erickson, quickly went viral after it was posted on aggregation news sites Gawker, Uproxx and others.

Management at the CBS-owned local station says the video doesn’t accurately reflect the relationship between the two. Calling the video “grossly edited,” KYW-TV’s public affairs manager Joanne Calabria told the Daily Intelligencer that Brewer and Erickson’s relationship “Is the opposite of what was manufactured and manipulated by someone.”

Calabria went on to say that both are “professional broadcasters who have great respect for each other and happen to be the closest of colleagues.”

Erickson echoed that sentiment, writing on Twitter that she and Brewer are “great friends.”

So far, Brewer has yet to comment on the video.

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