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Haystack News to offer dedicated debate verticals

(Image: Haystack News/Handout, Graphic: The Desk)

Haystack News will launch dedicated channels with coverage of the presidential and vice-presidential debates, with the first channel launching later this month, the company shared in a news release on Thursday.

The service will offer pre-debate and post-debate coverage sandwiched between the actual debates starting with the first presidential debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden on September 29.

The coverage will consist of aggregated reports from more than 300 content partners, including ABC News, CBS News, Euronews, Bloomberg, Newsy and local news broadcasters throughout the United States.

“Interest in coverage tied to the November 2020 election is propelling Haystack News to record levels of usage and engagement,” Daniel Barreto, the co-founder and chief executive of Haystack News, said in a press release. “Haystack News has become the platform of choice for broadband-only households looking for a free [ad-supported] service dedicated to curating the wealth of news coverage produced for this election season.”

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Haystack News will revive the debate channels for the remaining two presidential debates on October 15 and October 22 as well as the sole vice-presidential debate between Republican Michael Pence and Democrat Kamala Harris on October 7. Live coverage of each debate will be provided by CBSN.

Haystack News is available on smart TVs, streaming television devices, smartphones, tablets and online at haystack.tv.