AMC Networks brings premium streaming service to Apple, Amazon platforms

AMC Networks has launched its premium streaming offering AMC Plus on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video Channels, making the service available to those without a pay television subscription for the first time.

The service combines content from across AMC’s pay TV networks, including original shows and movies that aired on the AMC Network, IFC, We TV, Sundance TV and BBC America. It also includes a handful of shows and movies from AMC’s streaming-only service Shudder, which surpassed one million subscribers this summer, according to a company official.

AMC Plus launched earlier this year on Comcast’s XFinity TV service, replacing a similar, commercial-free AMC streaming service. It was offered to Comcast subscribers for $5 a month, then later offered to Dish Network and Sling TV subscribers for $7 a month.

On Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video, subscribers will be asked to pay $9 a month for the same library of content.

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