AT&T buys streaming platform ahead of global HBO Max launch

The logo of HBO Max superimposed over a map of the world, both appearing on a purple-black gradient background.
(Logo: AT&T/WarnerMedia, Graphic designed by The Desk)

AT&T has acquired a technology startup that helps power some of its current streaming services, including HBO Max, AT&T TV Now and various Turner-operated TV Everywhere apps.

The acquisition of You.i comes as AT&T’s entertainment subsidiary WarnerMedia prepares for a global expansion of its blockbuster HBO Max streaming service.

“The You.i Engine One technology, and the development teams behind it, are best-in-class,” Jason Press, a WarnerMedia executive in charge of direct-to-consumer technology, said in a statement. “he You.i platform will enhance the HBO Max technology stack, increase developer efficiency, and accelerate delivery as we bring HBO Max to consumer devices all around the world.”

You.i is based in Ottawa, Canada. Several team members from the startup are expected to move over to AT&T within the next few weeks.

HBO Max is expected to launch in Latin America next year. A variant of the streaming service is also expected to be offered in several European countries.