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Comcast set to hike broadcast fee for customers

Comcast will increase the cost of its broadcast TV fee to $5 a month, even in areas where Comcast owns TV stations, according to a notice appearing on bills this month.

Cordcutters receive limited focus at Consumer Electronic Show

The annual Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas wrapped up this weekend, leaving behind a trail of news about virtual reality, fitness trackers, drones and an interesting incident involving U.S. Marshals and hoverboards. But for all the news made at CES this year, there was a severe deficit of attention on a growing group of consumers: Those who shift their money away from costly cable and satellite subscriptions for cheaper online services. In recent years, pay television services like Comcast and Time Warner Cable have been forced to capitulate to the demands of programmers like CBS and AMC who demand higher fees. In turn, they’ve passed along those costs to consumers, making cable and satellite a luxury service instead of a necessity and driving customers away from costly TV packages in favor of streaming services like Amazon Prime and Hulu … Read more