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Database: Mohu Leaf 50 Antenna Test

The following is a list of stations received with the Mohu Leaf 50 amplified indoor antenna (model MH-110584). See below the table for information on signal strength.

Channel NumberChannel NameSignal TypeSignal Strength
2-1 KTVUFOX HDUHFUnreliable
2-2 KTVULATVUHFUnreliable
2-3 KTVUMovies!UHFUnreliable
2-4 KTVUBuzzrUHFUnreliable
3-2 KCRAMe TVUHFReliable
4-1 KRONMyNetwork HDUHFUnreliable
4-2 KRONKRON NewsUHFUnreliable
4-3 KRONAntenna TVUHFUnreliable
6-2 KVIEKVIE 2VHFReliable
6-3 KVIEPBS WorldVHFReliable
6-4 KVIEPBS V-meVHFReliable
10-1 KXTVABC HDVHFReliable
10-2 KXTVJusticeVHFReliable
13-1 KOVRCBS HDUHFReliable
13-2 KOVRDecadesUHFReliable
19-1 KUVSUnivision HDUHF Unreliable
19-2 KUVSUnivision SDUHFReliable
19-3 KUVSBounce TVUHFUnreliable
19-4 KUVSEscapeUHFUnreliable
29-1 KSPXIon HDUHFReliable
29-2 KSPXQuboUHFReliable
29-3 KSPXIon LifeUHFReliable
29-4 KSPXIon ShopUHFReliable
29-5 KSPXQVC Plus SDUHFReliable
29-6 KSPXHSN SDUHF Reliable
31-1 KMAXCW HDUHFReliable
32-1 KMTPWorld NewsUHFUnreliable
32-5 KMTPARTSUHFUnreliable
32-6 KMTPKPOPUHFUnreliable
38-1 KCNSMundoFOX HDUHFReliable
38-2 KCNSSino TVUHFReliable
38-3 KCNSEstrella TVUHFReliable
38-4 KCNSTokyo TVUHFReliable
38-5 KCNSNew Tang DynastyUHFReliable
38-6 KCNSThe WorksUHFReliable
40-1 KTXLFOX HDUHFReliable
40-2 KTXLAntenna TVUHFReliable
40-3 KTXLThis TVUHFReliable
42-1 KTNCEstrella TVUHFReliable
42-2 KTNCThe WorksUHFReliable
42-3 KTNCKTNCUHFReliable
44-1 KBCWCW HDUHFUnreliable
58-1 KQCAMyNetwork HDUHFReliable
58-2 KQCAMovies!UHFReliable
58-3 KQCAEstrella TVUHFReliable
60-1 KCSMKCSM TVUHFUnreliable
60-2 KCSMFrance 24UHFUnreliable
60-3 KCSMKCSM-FMUHFUnreliable


All channels displayed were locked and programmed following a clean signal scan.

A “reliable” signal indicates a strong lock on a channel at time of with a good or watchable signal regardless of time-of-day or environmental conditions. An “unreliable” signal indicates a strong lock on a channel at time of scan in which signal quality varied between good, watchable and weak based on time-of-day and environmental conditions.

KTVU, KRON, KMTP, KBHK and KCSM broadcast to the San Francisco-Oakland television market. Antenna was tested approximately 70 miles from the site of transmission of those channels (Sutro Tower, San Francisco).

KTNC broadcasts to the San Francisco-Oakland and Stockton-Modesto markets. Antenna was tested approximately 40 miles from the site of transmission of this channel (Mount Diablo, Walnut Creek, California).

All other channels appearing in the table above broadcast to the Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto (Northern California) television market. Antenna was tested approximately 25 miles from the site of transmission of those channels (Walnut Grove, California).

Antenna tested was furnished to The Desk by the manufacturer. The Desk received no financial compensation from the manufacturer of this product for this test.