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Database: Terk Antenna Test

The following is a list of stations received with the Terk Amplified HDTVa indoor antenna (model 144P003A). See below the table for information on signal strength.

Channel NumberChannel NameSignal TypeSignal Strength
3-2 KCRAMe TVUHFReliable
6-1 KVIEPBS HDVHFUnreliable
6-2 KVIE KVIE 2VHFUnreliable
6-3 KVIEPBS WorldVHFUnreliable
6-4 KVIEV-meVHFUnreliable
10-1 KXTVABC HDVHFUnreliable
10-2 KXTVJusticeVHFUnreliable
13-1 KOVRCBS HDUHFReliable
13-2 KOVRDecadesUHFReliable
19-2 KUVSUnivision SDUHFReliable
29-1 KSPXIon HDUHFReliable
29-2 KSPXQuboUHFReliable
29-3 KSPXIon LifeUHFReliable
29-4 KSPXIon ShopUHFReliable
29-5 KSPXQVC Plus SDUHFReliable
29-6 KSPXHSN SDUHFReliable
31-1 KMAXCW HDUHFUnreliable
40-1 KTXLFOX HDUHFReliable
40-2 KTXLAntenna TVUHFReliable
40-3 KTXLThis TVUHFReliable
58-1 KQCAMyNetwork HDUHFReliable
58-2 KQCAMovies!UHFReliable
58-3 KQCAEstrella TVUHFReliable
64-1 KTFKUniMas HDUHFReliable
64-2 KTFKGet TVUHFReliable
64-3 KTFKGritUHFReliable


All channels displayed were locked and programmed following a clean signal scan.

A “reliable” signal indicates a strong lock on a channel at time of with a good or watchable signal regardless of time-of-day or environmental conditions. An “unreliable” signal indicates a strong lock on a channel at time of scan in which signal quality varied between good, watchable and weak based on time-of-day and environmental conditions.

All channels appearing in the table above broadcast to the Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto (Northern California) television market. Antenna was tested approximately 25 miles from the site of transmission (Walnut Grove, California).

Antenna tested was purchased by The Desk from a retail outlet. The Desk received no financial compensation from the manufacturer of this product for this test.