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A tower used for wireless phone service. (Photo by Dominic Alves)

BT switches off final 3G wireless tower

The company's decommissioning of a wireless tower in Belfast marks its full commitment to 4G and 5G service.

Setanta Sports expands Bundesliga rights to new countries

The deal includes the renewal of rights in 10 European and Asian countries, plus three new Baltic territories.

A promotional image for the Graham Norton Show. (Courtesy image)

Graham Norton channel debuts on Samsung TV Plus in Europe

Samsung has struck a deal with ITV Studios for a new channel on its Samsung TV Plus platform that will offer repeats of "The Graham Norton Show."
The logo of the British Broadcasting Corporation. (Logo courtesy BBC, Graphic designed by The Desk)

BBC iPlayer to remove offline downloads perk for Macs, PCs

The BBC will stop allowing desktop and laptop users to save streaming content within the BBC iPlayer Downloads app in March.
The logo of British streaming service Freely. (Courtesy image)

Everyone TV offers sneak peek at forthcoming Freely streaming service

Everyone TV has offered a first look at Freely, a new British streaming service that will make broadcast TV signals available online.
The logo of British network Channel 4. (Courtesy image)

Channel 4 will lay off 240, sell London-based headquarters

Channel 4 says it will lay off around 240 workers and sell its London-based headquarters.

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Exclusive: Pandemic hurt Orby TV’s ability to raise new funds, CEO says

Orby TV tried to raise more money, but a last-minute deal suddenly fell through, the company's chief executive said in an e-mail.
The logo of streaming TV marketplace My Bundle Dot TV

A streaming TV recommendation tool finds an unexpected ally in cable TV companies

The Cohen brothers developed a tool to help customers break free from expensive cable TV packages. They didn't expect to find a partner in the cable companies themselves.

Sports-free budget TV services gain momentum as competitors raise prices

The high cost of sports and other programming means companies like YouTube TV might have to increase prices without adding channels or features.

Haystack News could be the solution to social media’s “fake news” problem

Haystack News didn't set out to solve the issue of fake news on Facebook and YouTube — but it might be solving it, anyway.

With YouTube TV price hike, streaming is starting to look more like cable

For some consumers, YouTube TV is just as expensive as regular cable — or, in some cases, more costly.