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Roku, Bango among winners of 2024 StreamTV Awards

Executives from AMC Networks, Pluto TV, Blue Ant Media and Fubo were also honored.

Executives from AMC Networks, Pluto TV, Blue Ant Media and Fubo were also honored.

Bango's Digital Vending Machine connects services and their customers with subscription-based offerings like streaming products
Bango was one of several companies to take home a 2024 StreamTV Award during this StreamTV Show in Denver. (File photo by Matthew Keys for The Desk)

More than a dozen companies and executives were honored as the recipients of StreamTV Awards during the 2024 StreamTV Show in Denver on Monday.

The winners include executives from AMC Networks, the Walt Disney Company, Paramount Global’s Pluto TV, Xperi, Fubo and Samsung, with industry awards bestowed upon Bango, Roku, the Tennis Channel, Wurl and others.

The finalists included dozens of executives and brands responsible for some of the industry’s most-innovative and recognized streaming video services and technology. The full list of award recipients is below:

Advertising Executive of the Year

  • Winner: Jamie Power (the Walt Disney Company)
  • Finalist: Amy Leifer (DirecTV Advertising)
  • Finalist: Ria Madrid (Wurl)
  • Finalist: Tony Marlow (LG Ad Solutions)

Content Partnerships Executive of the Year

  • Winner: Amy Kuessner (Pluto TV/Paramount Global)
  • Finalist: Akhilesh Gupta (Asia TV USA)
  • Finalist: Annie O’Brien (Samsung TV Plus)
  • Finalist: Leslie Falbo (Amagi)

Emerging Leaders

  • Winner: Danny Pruett (Samsung TV Plus)
  • Winner: Isabel Bonebrake (Fubo)
  • Winner: Matthew Dominguez (Cox Media Group)
  • Winner: Tyler Budd (Blue Ant Media)

FAST Channel of the Year

  • Winner: Tennis Channel – T2  (Sinclair, Inc.)
  • Finalist: BBC Top Gear (BBC Studios)
  • Finalist: Love Nature (Blue Ant Media)
  • Finalist: Love The Planet (Love TV Channels)
  • Finalist: NFL Channel (National Football League)
  • Finalist: The Walking Dead FAST Channel  (AMC Networks)

Innovation in Advertising

  • Winner: Wurl – Wurl ContentDiscovery
  • Finalist: DirecTV Advertising and Yospace – Maximizing fill-rates for live sports
  • Finalist: DirecTV Advertising – Innovation in Advanced Advertising
  • Finalist: Harmonic – VOS360 Ad SaaS with In-Stream Advertising

Innovation in Content Delivery & Distribution

  • Winner: Verimatrix – Verimatrix Streamkeeper
  • Finalist: Eluvio – Eluvio Content Fabric and Application Suite,  Casablanca Release
  • Finalist: Allen Media Group – Local Now
  • Finalist: Zixi – Zixi Software Defined Video Platform (SDVP)

Innovation in Monetization

  • Winner: Cleeng – ChurnIQ
  • Finalist: MyBundle – Innovating Monetization During the Migration from Legacy Pay TV to Streaming
  • Finalist: ThinkAnalytics – ThinkFAST
  • Finalist: Vevo
  • Finalist: Xumo – Xumo AMS

Innovation in User Experience

  • Winner: Bango – The Digital Vending Machine
  • Finalist: Plex – Discover Together, streaming’s first integrated community feature
  • Finalist: Google – Google TV and the Android TV OS
  • Finalist: XITE

Marketing Campaign of the Year

  • Winner: Pluto TV Country (Paramount Global)
  • Finalist: Conan O’Brien TV (Samsung TV Plus)
  • Finalist: HauntTV (HauntTV / Blue Ant Media)
  • Finalist: Stingray Naturescape celebrates Earth Day (Stingray)

Marketing Executive of the Year

  • Winner: Sylvia George (AMC Networks)
  • Finalist: Aileen del Cid (Samsung TV Plus)
  • Finalist: Val Kaplan (Pluto TV)

Streaming Platform of the Year

  • Winner: Roku
  • Finalist: Local Now (Allen Media Group)
  • Finalist: Plex
  • Finalist: Pluto TV (Paramount Global)
  • Finalist: Samsung TV Plus

Technology Executive of the Year

  • Winner: Scott Olechowski (Plex)
  • Finalist: Ashley Hovey (CW Network / Nexstar Media Group)
  • Finalist: Jeff DiTullio (Atmosphere TV)
  • Finalist: Vijay Sajja (Evergent Technologies)

StreamTV Impact Award

  • Winner: Pluto TV (Paramount Global)
  • Finalist: AMC Networks
  • Finalist: Innovid

More than 1,100 executives and other key stakeholders attended the first day of the StreamTV Show, according to a social media post by Kevin Gray, the Vice President of Technology, Entertainment and Telecom at parent company Questex.  The sign-up list for the StreamTV Show reflected a 30 percent increase in attendance when compared to last year’s event, Gray wrote.

Disclosure: The author of this story contributed to StreamTV Insider (formerly Fierce Video) from late 2021 to early 2024. StreamTV Insider shares common ownership with the StreamTV Show.

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