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AAJA meets with KTVU on Asiana reporting error

(KTVU press photo)
(KTVU press photo)

The Asian American Journalists Association said on Friday it had met with manager at KTVU in the wake of the station’s embarrassing report on four a plane that crashed at a San Francisco airport earlier in the month.

For more than an hour on Friday, representatives with the advocacy group and station managers met to discuss KTVU’s erroneous report on the identities of pilots aboard Asiana Airlines Flight 214. KTVU misidentified the pilots as Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow.

Kathy Chow, Ellen Lee, Tomoko Hosaka and George Kiriyama with the AAJA met with KTVU general manager Tom Raponi and news director Lee Rosenthal, along with staff reporter Amber Lee and KTVU’s director of community affairs Rosy Chu.

The AAJA described the meeting as “cooperative and constructive,” and while it’s unclear what was discussed at the meeting, the AAJA said KTVU staff members gave the organization a better understanding as to how the four erroneous names made it to air and what steps the station was making to remedy the situation.

The AAJA said it would offer more insights on its discussion with KTVU managers and staff members later in the week.

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