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TweetDeck is down: Here are some alternatives

twitter_bird_deadTwitter has temporarily pulled the plug on TweetDeck following a Javascript bug that briefly caused thousands of accounts to retweet an odd line of script Wednesday morning.

With TweetDeck unavailable, here are several alternative options until the service is restored:


Hootsuite (Free, with limits): It’s about the closest thing to TweetDeck you’re going to find at the moment. Hootsuite’s free version offers the ability to set up multiple Twitter columns for lists, favorites, direct messages and other features. The free version also allows users to schedule tweets in five minute intervals. Users who want to add more than three Twitter accounts to a dashboard will be prompted to upgrade to Hootsuite’s premium offering. (Click here)


Echofon Lite (Free): While Echofon lacks many of the features power users might want from TweetDeck, it at least offers real-time streaming of Twitter feeds as well as multiple account support. (Click here)

Twitter for Mac (Free): Twitter’s own desktop solution for the Mac offers real-time streaming of tweets as well as support for lists and multiple accounts. It may run slow on older machines. (Click here)


Janetter (Free): A multiple timeline viewer that can handle multiple accounts and offers real-time updating. (Click here)

Yonoo (Free): Offers support for publishing and monitoring multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. (Click here)

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