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California probes Dish Network over waste disposal processes

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Officials in California are investigating satellite TV service Dish Network over alleged violations of various state waste disposal laws, the company said on Friday.

The revelation was quietly made in an updated quarterly financial statement provided to the Securities and Exchange Commission this week.

Dish Network says the California Attorney General’s Office and the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office are conducting a joint investigation into whether Dish Network’s violated the California Business and Professional Code with regard to its waste disposal practices.

It was not clear when the investigation started or how Dish Network became aware of it.  Dish Network maintains a small business office in Emeryville.

“We expect that these entities will seek injunctive and monetary relief,” Dish Network said in its statement. “The investigation appears to be part of a broader effort to investigate waste handling and disposal processes of a number of industries.”

Dish Network said it can’t predict the outcome of the investigation, but the company does not expect any outcome to have a “material effect” on its finances.

These types of investigations are not unusual, and they are typically successful in raising much-needed revenue for county prosecutors. In recent years, these probes have resulted in multi-million dollar settlements with national brands over allegations of improper waste disposal practices and other environmental laws. Brands impacted by those probes include CarMax, AutoZone, Target and Safeway.

In addition to the satellite TV service, Dish Network operates Sling TV, an online-based cable TV alternative.

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