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Pirate streaming service will pay Dish Network $15 million

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The operator of an illegal streaming television service has agreed to pay Dish Network more than $15 million for pirating and re-distributing its satellite signal.

The case is one of several Dish Network has filed over the last few years against illegal streaming television services that pirate its content, then re-distribute it across the Internet, including via shady “apps” that must be installed on Android or Roku devices using workarounds.

In this case, Robert Reich of Riviera Beach, Florida was accused of running an illegal streaming service called “CBC X-View Cable Service,” which was operated as a subsidiary of the Channel Broadcasting Corporation in Belize.

Dish Network alleged Reich used the actual service addresses of real satellite TV customers in Florida to pirate the company’s signal in a way that allowed him to re-distribute it over the Internet through several illegal streaming TV services. Dish Network became wise to the scheme after CBC Cable was sold and installed at a Radisson hotel in Belize; occasionally, channels displayed an error message related to Dish Network receivers, the company said.

Earlier this year, Reich attempted to have Dish Network’s lawsuit overturned in federal court, arguing he wasn’t properly served with a notice required at the start of the case. But a federal judge disagreed and allowed the case to proceed, handing Dish Network and its partner encryption service Nagravision the first of several other wins in the case.

In October, both sides said they were moving closer to settling the case, and earlier this month, the settlement was announced: $15.8 million, which Dish Network said amounted to around 21,136 “access credentials,” or subscriptions, that were sold under various CBC Cable brand names. The settlement was signed by a judge last week.

As part of the settlement, Reich is prohibited from receiving Dish Network’s programming in any manner, including the company’s streaming TV service Sling TV. He’s also prohibited from helping others receive the programming.

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