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NBC expands ad-driven partnership with Double Verify

"Late Night with Seth Meyers" is one of several NBC programs that will be distributed in abbreviated form through The Roku Channel. (Screen capture by The Desk)
“Late Night with Seth Meyers” is one of several NBC programs that is distributed through the free, ad-supported streaming service The Roku Channel. (Screen capture by The Desk)

Digital ad measurement firm Double Verify and broadcaster NBC Universal have announced an expanded partnership that will see the latter tap into new measurement tools for advertisers across streaming platforms.

The collaboration announced this week will allow advertisers to track brand safety, ad suitability, and campaign performance for specific programs across devices like connected TVs (CTVs).

Promoted as a first-of-its-kind partnership, the pact aims to give marketers more transparent insight that the companies hope will lead to greater confidence in their streaming-based ad campaigns.

“Today marks a key shift in streaming measurement and authentication,” said Mark Zagorski, the CEO of Double Verify. “We’re excited to collaborate with NBC Universal to introduce this revolutionary capability, boosting advertiser confidence and delivering unmatched transparency at the program level. With this expanded partnership, advertisers will be able to maximize brand equity protection and campaign performance across premium streaming media.”

The partnership leverages DoubleVerify’s AI technology to analyze program content and ensure brand safety. Additionally, a data collaboration between the two companies provides advertisers with deeper insights into program details, genre, ratings, and more. This comprehensive approach aims to empower advertisers to optimize their campaigns and maximize the effectiveness of their streaming ad spend.

“With this partnership, advertisers will benefit from media quality measurement and additional insights at the show level. All measurement and insights will be enabled through a data collaboration integration between NBCUniversal and Double Verify,” a spokesperson for Double Verify said in a statement.

In a press release, Double Verify highlighted some of the benefits of the expanded partnership, including:

  • Program Level Classifications Powered by AI: Leverage Double Verify’s AI technology to classify show-level content in order to increase transparency and measure brand safety and suitability across devices, including connected TV platforms.
  • Comprehensive Streaming Insights: Analyze campaign performance using new metrics such as programming details, genre, ratings and much more. Detailed campaign reporting will be available in Pinnacle, Double Verify’s industry-leading, unified service and analytics platform
  • Independent Measurement: Brands can rest assured that their ads are authenticated by an independent, third-party measurement provider. The solution will utilize Double Verify’s Video OmniTag technology and NBC Universal’s proprietary data clean room.

“With the rise of streaming, it’s imperative that publishers provide brands with the data they need to be sure they’re running their media in environments that are both brand-safe and brand-suitable,” said Dominick Vangeli, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Advertising and Partnerships at NBC Universal  “

Vangeli continued: “At NBC Universal, we stand behind the safety and suitability of our content, and with this new partnership with Double Verify, we’ll be able to offer our advertising partners a new level of transparency against these metrics and more – down to the program level.”

“In an industry clamoring for more granular, data-driven insights, the Double Verify and NBC Universal partnership answers the call,” said Ryan Eusanio, the Senior Vice President, Video & Programmatic at Omnicom Media Group. “The depth of data and transparency this collaboration offers enables us to provide next-level value to our clients, ensuring we can make smarter, more informed decisions on their behalf.”

Double Verify and NBC Universal are implementing various technical integrations rooted in their expanded partnership, and both companies say they hope to begin the first phase involving advertisers later this year.

NBC Universal is owned by Comcast Corporation.

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