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Fox to utilize Comcast’s FreeWheel for dynamic ads during college football games

The Fox logo on the side of a building.
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Fox Corporation has tapped Comcast’s advertising solution FreeWheel for dynamic campaigns that will air during college football games, the companies announced on Wednesday.

The utilization of FreeWheel will allow Fox’s flagship broadcast network to offer an expanded array of dynamically-inserted advertising that is hyper targeted across different audience segments. Both companies will develop and deploy targeting technology to this effect, and FreeWheel will become Fox’s primary ad serving partner across its entire “One Fox” enterprise.

“The TV ad marketplace is very complex and when we thought about who is doing a great job helping advertisers to cut through that clutter and drive ROI (return on investment), FreeWheel clearly stood out,” Darren Sherriff, the Senior Vice President of Advertising Technology Solutions at Fox, said in a statement. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer our advertising partners a powerful way to reach engaged audiences across the entire Fox portfolio, including our premium live sports events, while prioritizing and protecting the viewer experience.”

“We are excited and proud to strengthen our relationship with Fox,” said Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel. “Our antidote to today’s complicated ad landscape is to provide technology and solutions to help further accelerate the momentum, growth and innovation behind premium video. As Fox’s primary ad serving partner, we are looking forward to working with them – and advertisers – to drive better business results.”

Through the partnership, Fox will utilize FreeWheel’s dynamic ad insertion solutions during college football games, allowing ad buyers to take advantage of an expanded offering of inventory.

The pact will also give Fox the ability to incorporate a variety of new features that will enhance the viewing experience for football fans and ad buyers alike. Using real-time signals, ads can be targeted to run during specific points in a game, such as when commentators are discussing a particular player or when there is an update in the score.

“The collaboration brings synergistic benefits to advertisers working with Fox and FreeWheel,” the companies said in a joint statement. “Marketers, specifically, now have the ability to access one, scaled Fox opportunity to drive incremental audience reach. Fox, meanwhile, now has a simplified way to package its ad inventory supply, particularly for audience-based selling.”

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