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Fox expands ad partnership with The Trade Desk

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Fox Corporation’s free streaming platform Tubi has long been a client of The Trade Desk. Now, the broadcast network itself is expanding its partnership with the ad tech company that will further help media buyers bring their campaigns across different channels.

On Wednesday, Fox and The Trade Desk said the expanded partnership will bring “best-in-class innovation to advertisers to help them reach their audiences and measure campaign performance to meet their business objectives.”

The partnership builds on Tubi’s adoption of Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) and OpenPath, which evolved to the point that they could be integrated into Fox’s own advertising platform called AdRise.

“The commitment to the deepening of our relationship with The Trade Desk highlights our belief in their vision for premium content and a more open Internet. Through our market leading brands and our AdRise technology platform, Fox and Tubi are at the forefront of enabling new and impactful ways for advertisers to reach and engage with authenticated audiences, at scale,” said Paul Cheesbrough, the CEO of Tubi Media Group. ” Our extended partnership with The Trade Desk builds upon many successful years of working with each other and signals the next chapter – one where we move towards a more deeply integrated marketplace and collaborate around key industry issues like transparency and identity.”

“Our partnership with Fox represents a win-win for advertisers and the industry at large,” said Jeff Green, the founder and CEO of The Trade Desk. “It not only creates value for our shared advertisers but moves the industry forward towards an addressable and efficient marketplace. By combining Unified ID 2.0 and OpenPath, FOX’s forward-leaning approach to innovation represents a major opportunity for advertisers to apply data to their media investments on the premium, open internet.”

Green said Fox is “pioneering price discovery and helping create the new identity fabric of the open internet” by adopting various products from The Trade Desk and integrating them into AdRise.

“This latest innovation in the long-term partnership between Fox and The Trade Desk represents a step forward for our industry,” Green said.

AdRise was acquired by Fox through its broader purchase of Tubi in 2020. The ad tech product touches on all Fox brands, including the Fox broadcast network, Fox Entertainment, Fox Sports, Fox News Media and Tubi.

The Trade Desk is not affiliated with The Desk, which is owned by Solano Media, LLC. 

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Get stories like these in your inbox, plus free breaking news alerts on business and policy matters involving media and tech.

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