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FreeCast brings sports multicast network Stadium to platform

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(Courtesy image)

Streaming TV platform FreeCast has inked an agreement with Silver Chalice to distribute its free multicast sports network Stadium.

The channel is now available at no cost to users of FreeCast, the platform that couples free streaming channels with local broadcast stations and other Internet-connected video services through a whole-home entertainment solution.

“Sports represents some of the most popular content on TV, but also some of the most expensive — it’s what keeps so many people paying high TV bills,” said Tracy West, the Executive Vice President of Digital Content at FreeCast. “Our mission has always been to give people a more affordable entertainment platform, and sports is a key part of what we offer. We are excited to offer Stadium to the FreeCast audience.”

“We are very impressed with FreeCast and their robust offerings,” David Scott, the Senior Vice President of Audience and Programming at Stadium, said on Wednesday. “This partnership marks a significant step in expanding our reach and ensuring that sports enthusiasts can enjoy Stadium’s thrilling programming through FreeCast’s innovative platform.”

Stadium started in 2017 as a joint venture between Silver Chalise and television broadcaster Sinclair, Inc. The channel was initially distributed on over-the-air broadcast stations and through free, ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) platforms.

In May 2023, Sinclair sold its stake in Stadium to Silver Chalice, two months after Sinclair’s regional sports subsidiary Diamond Sports filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The channel ended its broadcast TV affiliations and converted into a full-time FAST network a few months later. In most markets, Stadium was replaced by Sinclair’s newest multicast network, The Nest.

The launch of Stadium on FreeCast means TV viewers who prefer a mixture of broadcast and streaming TV will essentially have access to both Stadium and The Nest. For over-the-air reception, FreeCast utilizes a white-label version of SiliconDust’s HD HomeRun. More than 500 FAST channels are available through the FreeCast app, and the addition of the broadcast tuner also unlocks access to local ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CW Network affiliates where available.

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