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Fuse Media to launch standalone subscription video service

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Fuse Media will incorporate a subscription video-on demand feature as well as several free, ad-supported linear channels into its streaming TV applications later this year.

The move is part of a broader strategy by Fuse Media to push farther into the direct-to-consumer streaming television market, one that began earlier this year when it announced plans to offer some of its content as a subscription offering through the Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video Channel marketplaces.

Later this year, Fuse Media will offer updated versions of its Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV apps that will allow users to stream some Fuse television content for free through linear channels, similar to what is offered on Pluto TV and Xumo TV.

Those channels — “Fuse Backstage,” “Fuse Beat” and “Fuse Sweat” — will offer a mixture of lifestyle, entertainment and music programming aimed at a younger, diverse audience.

Other content will be available to stream as part of a subscription video-on demand service similar to Netflix or Hulu. The subscription offering, called Fuse Plus, will be similar to the service offered on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video.

To help facilitate the transformation of its streaming TV apps, Fuse Media is continuing a partnership with development firm Float Left, which will be responsible for incorporating the ad-supported linear channels and subscription feature into Fuse Media’s current streaming apps.

In addition, Float Left will develop and launch new Fuse-branded streaming video apps for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile platforms, the company announced on Thursday.

“We’re excited to partner with Fuse as they take this next step to expand their [streaming TV] service with two new platforms, [free, ad-supported linear] channels, and a subscription component,” Nick Febrizio, an executive in charge of sales at Float Left, said in a statement. “In this increasingly-competitive industry, these new additions will help expand Fuse’s user-base and provide more viewing options for Fuse’s loyal fans.”

Along with its streaming services, Fuse Media operates the Fuse cable channel along with sister-network Fuse Music (FM). The company also operates a live events business and the Fuse Content Studio, an in-house production company.

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