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Albany news anchor on leave after on-air incident

A news anchor in Albany, New York has been placed on leave after she appeared disheveled during a recent news broadcast.

Heather Kovar with CBS affiliate WRGB (Channel 6) was removed from the station’s news broadcasts after the episode last Saturday, during which she slurred her speech and appeared to have trouble concentrating on her news script.

Video of the broadcast went viral online, leading to news coverage from major organizations and causing speculation that Kovar was drunk.

In a statement to a local newspaper, Kovar said her behavior that day was attributable to a recent death in her family as well as her decision not to renew her contract with WRGB, both of which pushed her to the point of exhaustion. She did not appear to confirm or deny that she had been drinking prior to the broadcast.

WRGB, which is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, suspended Kovar while an internal investigation into the incident played out.

Kovar has been employed by WRGB and Sinclair for six years. Prior to joining the station, she worked at WTEN (Channel 10), Albany’s ABC affiliate.

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