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Innovid debuts Harmony initiative for connected TV measurement

The mission of Harmony is to keep the connected TV space from being controlled by a single dominant player.

The mission of Harmony is to keep the connected TV space from being controlled by a single dominant player.

Roku offers a line of streaming hardware and smart TV sets. (Courtesy photo)
Roku is one of several companies partnering with Innovid on a new suite of connected TV advertising measurement and effectiveness products called Harmony.  (Courtesy photo)

Software firm Innovid is launching a new initiative called Harmony that aims to bring greater transparency to the measurement and effectiveness of advertising campaigns across connected platforms.

The aim of the Harmony initiative is to “streamline the supply path to its purest form, ensuring more advertiser dollars go toward working media, increasing revenue opportunities for publishers, and creating a more sustainable, transparent path,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

The overall goal is to ensure that one company does not become a dominant player in the measurement and delivery of advertising. Instead, Innovid believes it is best positioned to offer a suite of measurement solutions tailored to connected video systems that bring a higher level of transparency and sustainability to advertising campaigns across multiple platforms.

The first Harmony initiative will see the launch of anew product called Harmony Direct, which “streamlines the workflow for guaranteed, non-biddable connected TV media to its purest form by removing all friction points, including additional technology hops, fees and energy waste.”

Harmony Direct is already being used by a number of well-recognized technology and video brands, including Roku, PMG, CMI Media Group and Assembly. Innovid hopes to bring the solution to many of its other partners, including the Walt Disney Company, Fox Corporation, Comcast’s NBC Universal, Paramount Global and Vizio.

“As TV speeds toward its fully digital future, Innovid believes that TV should remain open for everyone and controlled by no one,” Zvika Netter, the co-founder and CEO of Innovid, said in a statement on Tuesday. “In the evolving CTV space, we can make this a reality — one that benefits buyers, sellers, and viewers — through advertising, but we must avoid the pitfalls our industry saw with other forms of digital transformation. Innovid is in a unique position to bring harmony to the ecosystem and empower brands, agencies, and publishers to work together during this transitional moment in TV history to create ad-supported experiences that people love.”

Sam Bloom, the head of partner strategy at PMG, said his company sees the potential and power of connected TV advertising with clients every, but “the inefficiencies of the supply path are hindrances to getting the most out of [connected TV] for advertisers and getting the best viewing experiences for audiences.”

“We are happy to work with Innovid to solve this critical issue,” Bloom said. “A cleaner supply path maximizes efficiency, saves time, optimizes ad spend for our clients, and ensures premium ad experiences for all.”

Miles Fisher, the head of emerging and programmatic sales at Roku, said his company was happy to partner with Innovid on Harmony Direct because “more transparency and control…are powerful, effective means of streamlining the launch process for [connected TV] advertising.”

“Reducing the amount of touchpoints along the supply path is a critical component for realizing efficiencies for buyers and sellers alike,” Fisher affirmed.

Innovid says Harmony Direct produces optimized workflows that “pushes more ad investment into working media, increases data fidelity and transparency, improves fill rates, lowers the risks of latency and fraud, and provides a more sustainable, greener supply path.”

Harmony Direct is just one of several solutions Innovid will launch under the Harmony initiative. Another solution, called Harmony Instant Optimization, will allow partners and clients to “champion top-converting ads in real-time” using machine learning tools that help ensure “ads that drive the desired business outcomes gain the largest share of voice.”

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