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Ex-Fubo TV worker demands settlement in termination case

A banner with the logo of streaming service Fubo TV hangs outside the New York Stock Exchange.
A banner with the logo of streaming service Fubo TV hangs outside the New York Stock Exchange. (Photo courtesy Fubo TV via LinkedIn, Graphic by The Desk)

A television producer who is suing Fubo TV for wrongful termination has sent a settlement demand letter to the company ahead of a potential jury trial.

The worker, Joshua Kritz, has accused Fubo TV of firing him last year after he took a leave of absence to be with his newborn.

Kritz said he took advantage of a New York law that allows new fathers to take an extended, paid leave of absence without fear of retaliation, including dismissal. Once he returned to the company, he was demoted and eventually fired, Kritz complained.

In February, Fubo TV responded to the ex-worker’s lawsuit, stating Kritz was an “at will” employee who could be dismissed for any reason or no reason at all. To that point, Fubo TV denied Kritz was fired for taking a leave of absence, though the company hasn’t commented on why it dismissed him.

Court records reviewed by The Desk show both sides have been unable to reach a resolution in the matter, even after a federal judge ordered the case sent to mediation.

In a note sent to District Judge Vernon Broderick, a lawyer representing Fubo TV said Kritz sent the company an initial settlement demand letter. The note didn’t say what the settlement demand letter sought in terms of financial or other compensation. Both sides have been unable to make progress on the demand letter, Fubo TV’s attorneys wrote.

Broderick has now ordered both sides to submit requests for documents and other evidence by March 20, with all discovery fulfilled by August 31. If the matter isn’t resolved, a trial could be held later this year. Both sides predict the trial could take up to five days.

The lawsuit brought by Kritz was filed during Fubo TV’s most recent financial quarter. In late February, Fubo TV released its quarterly and year-end financial report, which disclosed several securities-related and other lawsuits the company is facing. The employment case brought by Kritz was not mentioned in the filing.

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