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Jellysmack acquires Law & Crime Network from Dan Abrams

Social video producer Jellysmack has acquired Law & Crime Network, the true crime-focused content studio and television channel owned by journalist Dan Abrams.

The deal will see Jellysmack pay a “nine-figure” sum for Law & Crime, which includes a popular YouTube channel, a streaming TV network and an associated cable and satellite channel, among other media properties.

Abrams will stay on as the brand’s chief executive officer, Jellysmack said in a statement, while Rachel Stockman will serve as Law & Crime Network’s president and Andrew Eisboruch as its chief operating officer.

“I’m excited to join forces with a team that has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in maximizing the reach and impact of digital content,” Abrams, who also hosts a cable news program on NewsNation and serves as ABC’s chief legal correspondent, said in a statement. “Together, we can take the Law & Crime Network to new heights, reaching a global audience that is increasingly hungry for captivating legal and true crime stories.”

Law & Crime Network launched in 2015 as LawNewz, a website that aggregated footage from municipal courtrooms across the country. The company was renamed after Disney and Hearst Television’s joint venture A+E Networks made a $15 million investment in the brand.

Since then, Law & Crime Network has grown to become one of the more-dominant providers of unfiltered courtroom proceedings and produces a significant amount of legal affairs programming, both for the web and traditional pay TV.

The acquisition makes sense for Jellysmack, which already works with more than 100 independent producers of true crime programming that is distributed through social media platforms.

“This acquisition aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide high-quality content that resonates with global audiences across platforms,” Sean Atkins, the president of Jellysmack, said on Tuesday. “an Abrams’ expertise and his network’s impressive track record in legal and true crime storytelling make it a perfect fit for Jellysmack and creates exciting new synergies and opportunities for our creators.”

Jellysmack says it will expand Law & Crime Networks’ content production arm, which already produces shows and documentaries for third parties like Netflix, Disney’s Hulu, Fox and Warner Bros Discovery’s HBO.

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