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Livestation allowing U.S. internet users to watch Al Jazeera English

The logo of Al Jazeera.
The logo of Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera’s international English-language news channel, blocked for viewers in the United States on its website and YouTube, can still be accessed via one live streaming service.

The Desk discovered London-based streaming video platform Livestation makes Al Jazeera English available to American viewers on its website and mobile apps with a paid subscription.

Along with Al Jazeera English, US-based viewers can also watch Al Jazeera Arabic, Al Jazeera Mubasher and Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr along with several English-language news channels from Germany, France and Russia.

Al Jazeera decided to block American internet users from watching the English channel in August. The decision coincided with the company’s launch of Al Jazeera America, a new 24-hour digital cable channel meant to compete domestically with BBC World News, RT and CNN.

As a result, American internet users lost access to the live feed of Al Jazeera English on August 20th. Al Jazeera also pulled its live feed from free-to-air satellite in North America.

Livestation, which blocks access to CNN International and BBC World News for American users, also blocked access to Al Jazeera English in August. However, Livestation recently began offering a “premium” service that unlocks Al Jazeera English’s feed for American customers.

The service, which costs around $6 a month (after a free seven-day trial), also gives customers higher quality versions of its Deutsche Welle, RT and Euronews feeds.

American internet users can also purchase a subscription to a virtual private network to view Al Jazeera English and other English-language international news channels.

Livestation: Watch Al Jazeera English and other international news channels

Update: An earlier version of this story incorrectly claimed Livestation made Al Jazeera’s English feed available for free. The feed is geographically blocked for American customers who do not have a premium subscription to Livestation.

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