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Lumos to offer low-cost Internet through ACP

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Lumos Networks says it is launching a new, low-cost Internet plan that will be subsidized through the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

The new plan will offer 100 megabits per second (Mbps) download speeds on Lumos’ fiber optic-based network, and will be free to customers who are eligible for the $30 discount offered through the ACP. Subscribers who choose a higher-priced plan will receive $30 off their service when enrolled in the ACP.

“We are thrilled to offer our reliable high-speed Internet to more families through this program,” Brian Standing, the chief executive of Lumos, said in a statement. “Our participation in the White House initiative, coupled with our focus on digital equity, highlight Lumos’ commitment to bringing the best technology available in the communities we serve, providing an Internet strong enough to handle the demands of today and set families up to succeed tomorrow.”

Lumos joins more than 20 Internet service providers and wireless phone companies offering ACP subsidies to eligible, low-income customers.

“The pandemic highlighted that broadband access is critical for basic needs, such as telehealth, education and telework,” Standing said. “All residents should have fast, equitable and reliable connectivity.”

The move is already receiving accolades from local government officials in some of the areas that Lumos serves.

“We’re working to close the digital divide in North Carolina, and that includes ensuring high-speed Internet is accessible and affordable for all,” Roy Cooper, the governor of North Carolina, said. “The plan offered by Lumos will help more families get connected, so they have the tools to succeed in our increasingly digital society.”

Current and prospective Lumos customers can check their eligibility for the ACP subsidy by visiting this website.

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