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MyBundle drops “TV” from brand, grabs 150 broadband partners

Streaming video marketplace MyBundle says it has inked a deal with its 150th broadband Internet partner — and, accordingly, it will drop the “TV” part from its brand name.

While it might be abandoning the two letters, the company says its logo and web address won’t be changed as part of the light rebrand.

The Desk profiled MyBundle back in 2020, right around the time the streaming marketplace was starting to gain real momentum. At the time, co-founder Jason Cohen said the company’s mission was to help cable and satellite customers move away from expensive pay TV packages by helping them “bundle” streaming video services based on their interests.

Cohen didn’t expect to find a partner in cable TV companies — instead, he thought MyBundle would be competing against them. But when a small, regional cable company in Georgia called him to see if they could partner together, he felt he didn’t have anything to lose. When others started calling, a light bulb went off.

“They said, look, our cable bills are insane, we feel terrible for our customers and we’re losing money,” Cohen said in an interview nearly three yeras ago. “We can’t continue to pass on these high programming costs every year, and, frankly, we just want to give customers Internet.”

The white label version of MyBundle has really taken off, helped in large part thanks to a recent partnership between the company and the National Content & Technology Cooperative (NCTC) forged last year. Now, MyBundle provides its white-label solution to 150 broadband Internet partners — many of them small and mid-sized regional companies who are really hoping to move away from pay television.

“Achieving this milestone is a nice benchmark for MyBundle, but what comes next is even more exciting,” Cohen said in a statement this week. “Following our agreements announced in late 2022 with the NCTC and NRTC cooperatives, MyBundle is positioned to help an even broader swath of the broadband and cable industry navigate the streaming revolution. MyBundle is proud of achieving today’s milestone, and we look forward to further growing our list of partners, assisting consumers and driving streaming subscriptions.”

The 150th broadband Internet partner to shake hands with MyBundle is MiFiber, a regional service provider that primarily offers fiber-based Internet in the Pacific Northwest. In January, MiFiber began pointing its Internet customers to MyBundle’s website, where subscribers can sign up for any of the dozens of streaming services offered in the marketplace, including Sling TV, Netflix, Paramount Plus, Disney Plus and AMC Plus.

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