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Newsmax launches on Freeview in UK

A still frame from a broadcast on cable commentary network Newsmax. (Graphic by The Desk)
A still frame from a broadcast on cable commentary network Newsmax. (Graphic by The Desk)

Right-of-center news and commentary channel Newsmax has made its debut in the United Kingdom after securing distribution on the free-to-air broadcast platform Freeview.

Starting this week, Newsmax became accessible to free broadcast TV viewers in the United Kingdom on channel 287. Global Distribution Services was tapped to serve as the channel’s launch partner in the country.

“We selected Global Distribution Services as a key U.K. launch partner to reach Freeview viewers in the vast majority of U.K. households and deliver an expert US perspective on global issues and U.S. foreign policy that affect Britain’s interests,” Andy Biggers, the senior vice president of content distribution at Newsmax, said in a statement. “With the run-up to the 2024 US Presidential election already well underway, we believe U.K. viewers will want to tune-in to see where U.S. affairs with global implications are headed.”

The channel is available through Freeview Connection, an over-the-top service that delivers on-demand content and streaming channels via a smart TV or set-top box’s Internet connection.

Other news channels available through Freeview include BBC News, Sky News, Arise News, Al Jazeera English, NHK World, Talk TV and GBNews. Newsmax is the second U.S.-based channel to be offered through Freeview; CNN International, the global version of CNN, was offered on Freeview from 2009 to 2010.

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