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Nine alternatives to Al Jazeera English’s online stream

The online stream of Al Jazeera English.
The online stream of Al Jazeera English.

When Al Jazeera America launches on August 20, the online stream for sister-channel Al Jazeera English will be blocked for internet users in the United States. After August 20, a virtual private network or free-to-air satellite equipment will be the only way viewers in the United States will be able to watch the English channel.

The move has left many people searching for alternatives to Al Jazeera English’s online feed once the stream is blocked in the United States. The Desk has compiled a list of several other news channels that provide comparable global news coverage online:

Sky News International: The London-based news channel recently made its online stream available to viewers in the United States. The international stream is a simulcast of its domestic channel with additional news stories in place of commercials. Sky News also streams the CBS Evening News weekdays. Viewers can watch the stream free on its website, on iOS and Android apps, on LiveStation and on Apple TV.  Sky News is operated by British Sky Broadcasting, which is part owned by News Corporation. [Live stream]

RT America: Formerly known as “Russia Today,” the channel is one of the most-watched foreign news service in the United States. RT America broadcasts from a studio in Washington, D.C. and simulcasts many global news bulletins from the international English service based in Moscow. RT has streams available on its website, on LiveStation and on iOS. RT is operated by TV Novosti, which is funded by the federal government of Russia. [Live stream]

France 24: The Paris-based news channel presents global top stories at the top of every hour, with specialized news and current affair programming at the bottom of the hour. France 24 also draws upon programming from TF1 and France Télévisions. The channel streams on its website, on LiveStation and on iOS. France 24 is operated by France Medias Monde, which is funded by the French government. [Live stream]

Deutsche Welle: Germany’s international broadcaster streams in English, German, Spanish and Arabic. The channel is based in Berlin and presents top stories at the top of the hour, with specialty programming at the bottom of the hour. Streams available on its website and on iOS. Deutsche Welle is operated by ARD, the public broadcaster of Germany. [Live stream]

Press TV: The Tehran-based English channel provides global news and analysis from an Iranian perspective. The channel streams on LiveStation and on its website. Press TV is operated by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, which is funded by the Iranian government.  [Live stream]

NHK World: The channel serves as the international broadcast outlet of Japan. The service broadcasts global news bulletins alongside special affairs programming with a focus on Japanese culture and events. NHK World is an extension of Japan’s public broadcaster (also called NHK). [Live stream]

Reuters Live Service: The world’s largest news organization does not operate a global television channel, but it has recently made its satellite news feed available online. LiveStation carries the feed, which is normally distributed to news clients around the world. The feed is active during planned news events and global breaking news. Since the signal is meant for broadcast clients, it often contains no commentary. The LiveStation signal works when viewed in a browser on an iOS device. [Live stream]

BBC World Service: The BBC World Service is an international radio channel operated by the British Broadcasting Corporation and is available outside of the United Kingdom. It is the world’s largest international broadcast service, transmitting 24 hours a day in over two dozen languages. BBC provides global news bulletins along with special affairs programming. The service is available online through BBC iPlayer, on LiveStation and on iOS and Android devices with the TuneIn app. BBC World Service is operated as an external service by Britain’s public broadcaster. [Live stream]

Bloomberg: The global financial news channel has three English language streams (U.S., Europe and Asia) and one stream presented without commentary for global news events. Bloomberg streams on its website and on iOS. Bloomberg TV is owned by New York City-based Bloomberg L.P. [Live stream]

LiveStation offers several other channels in other languages, including BBC Arabia, RFI and Euronews. Some channels require a subscription to view. The free TuneIn radio app for iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems offers a wealth of live global news streams, including a live audio simulcast of CNN U.S., Sky News International, Bloomberg Radio, CBS Radio News, World Radio Network and NPR’s 24 hour stream. TuneIn also has an audio simulcast of Al Jazeera English, but it is unclear if this will be available after August 20 when the video stream is blocked in the United States.

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