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Albuquerque TV station runs candidate’s “Fuck the NRA” ad

It is a rare occurrence to hear an “F-bomb” on broadcast television. It is more rare when a broadcaster is complicit.

But that’s what happened on Friday when Albuquerque CBS/Fox affiliate KRQE-TV (Channel 13) aired a political campaign advertisement by a candidate who blasted the National Rifle Association for the group’s pro-gun policies.

“Fuck the NRA,” Albuquerque City Council member Pat Davis said in the 15 second ad. “Their pro-gun policies have resulted in dead children, dead mothers and dead fathers.”

Davis is one of six candidates vying for the Democratic nominee in New Mexico’s primary election. The winner of the Democratic nomination will face off against a Republican candidate for New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District this November, the Washington Post reported.

Davis was unapologetic for his use of the profanity in the spot.

“Being polite hasn’t gotten us anywhere,” he said. “So maybe it’s time to do something different.”

A spokesperson for KRQE said the station was forced to run the ad unedited because the law recognizes Davis as a legitimate candidate for a federal office. That law says broadcasters like KRQE must give Davis equal access to the station’s ad inventory as it would any other candidate running for the same position.

KRQE said it could not edit or control the content of Davis’ message, but that it would air a warning to viewers about the profanity in the 15 seconds leading up to his message.

It was not clear if Davis’ ad would air on KRQE’s sister station KWBQ (Channel 19) or any other station in the city. KRQE and KWBQ are both owned by Nexstar Media Group.


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