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Paramount Plus launches in Germanic countries

Paramount Global’s flagship streaming service Paramount Plus has rolled out to three more countries, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

The new countries — Germany, Austria and Switzerland — adds to Paramount’s global reach, with the direct-to-consumer streaming service now available in 45 territories around the world. This year, Paramount Plus has launched in 27 countries, including the three where the service became available this week.

The launch brings Paramount’s suite of content to the core Germanic countries in Europe, including popular content like “Yellowstone” (which is available on Comcast’s Peacock stateside), “South Park” (available on HBO Max stateside), “Tulsa King,” multiple “Star Trek” shows, CBS television programs and films from Paramount Pictures, including “Top Gun: Maverick.” Last week, Paramount Plus launched in France in partnership with a local telecom there.

“There is no doubt 2022 has been the year of global expansion for Paramount Plus,” Marco Nobili, the executive vice president and international general manager for Paramount Plus, said in a statement. “With the latest launch in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and France last week, we are now streaming in key markets in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia and soon in India.”

In addition to Paramount’s flagship content, a suite of original programming specifically targeted to the German-language market will also debut on the streaming service, including “Spotlight,” a Nickelodeon program focused on students at the Berlin School of Arts, and “Simon Beckett’s Chemistry of Death,” a crime series from the novel of the same name.

A spin-off of the popular “Jersey Shore” franchise will also debut on Paramount Plus in the Germaic territories. “Germany Shore” will thrust party-hungry reality stars into the spotlight as they traverse through sunny Croatia.

Paramount Plus will be available in Germany and Austria for €8 a month (about $8.50 a month) and ₣12 a month (about $12.50 a month) in Switzerland. Residents in all three countries are eligible for a seven-day free trial. Customers of Sky satellite service will receive Paramount Plus for free; customers of Canal Plus in France will get access to Paramount Plus with some TV packages.

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