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Parks Associates reveals list of top leaders in video and entertainment for 2023

Executives from Samsung, Google, Sinclair Broadcasting, Nexstar Media, LG and Plex made the list.

Executives from Samsung, Google, Sinclair Broadcasting, Nexstar Media, LG and Plex made the list.

(Courtesy image)
(Courtesy image)

Research firm Parks Associates has released its annual Top Leaders in Technology list, which highlights executives and leaders who have participated at the company’s events throughout the year.

For 2023, Parks Associates named nearly 400 leaders in a variety of fields, including connected home and security, video and entertainment, connected health, energy and a general “multi-family” category.

More than 80 executives who work for streaming, video, virtual reality and video-focused advertising companies were named, accounting for nearly one-quarter of all executives on the list, according to an analysis by The Desk. They include vice presidents, research fellows, analysts, marketing executives and others at companies like Adeia, Dish Network, Comcast, Fremantle, Google, LG, Nexstar Media Group, Plex, Samsung, Sinclair Broadcasting Group, Xperi and their subsidiary businesses.

“Our Top Leaders in Technology lists represent the value of collaborative thought leadership,” Elizabeth Parks, the President and Chief Marketing Officer at Parks Associates, said in a statement. “These exceptional individuals, through their innovation and dedication, are forecasting our technological trajectory and actively constructing it. We are proud to spotlight their accomplishments.”

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The executives participated in a number of Parks Associates conferences and virtual events throughout 2023, which were attended by more than 4,500 business leaders from over 2,200 companies and organizations, the firm said in a statement.

“By bringing together these distinguished individuals, we leverage the ‘wisdom of crowds’ to spur innovation and insight that propel the industries we research forward,” Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein, the Vice President of Marketing at Parks Associates, said in a statement. “This list celebrates individual excellence and underscores the collective genius that emerges when the brightest minds converge.”

The Parks Associates Top Leaders for 2023 in the field of video and entertainment were:

  • David Apostolico, Senior Vice President of Streaming Experience & distribution, QVC & HSN
  • Sebastian Amengual, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, YBVR
  • Scott Barton, Chief Product Officer, MyBundle
  • Isaac Bess, Global Head of Distribution, TikTok
  • Dave Bernath, Vice President of Sales & Partnerships, Wurl
  • Evan Bregman, General Manager, Streaming, Tastemade
  • Jake Cohen, Head of Business Development and Strategy, Content, Verizon
  • Michael Cooper, Head of Emerging Verticals, Effectv (Comcast)
  • Ben Davenport, Vice President of Global Marketing, Pixotope
  • Danielle DeLauro, Executive Vice President, Video Advertising Bureau (VAB)
  • Aileen Del Cid, Head of Marketing, Samsung TV Plus
  • Tom Denniston, Vice President of Content Delivery, Qwilt
  • Mrugesh Desai, Vice President, North America, Accedo
  • Serhad Doken, Chief Technology Officer, Adeia
  • Matthew Durgin, Vice President of Content and Services, LG
  • Ira Dworkin, Managing Director of Communications, entertainment & Media, FPT Software
  • Scott Ehrlich, Chief Innovation Officer, Sinclair Broadcast Group
  • Laura Florence, Senior Vice President of Global FAST Channels, Fremantle
  • Natalie Gabathuler-Scully, Executive Vice President of Revenue Distribution and Data Operations, VEVO
  • Michelle Gable, Director of Media & Entertainment, the Los Angeles Rams
  • Daniel Gagliardi, Vice President of Digital Distribution & Business Development, Filmrise
  • Akinwole Garrett, Vice President of Business Development and M&A, Revolt Media & TV
  • Field Garthwaite, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, IRIS.TV
  • Ken Gerstein, Vice President of NAGRA Anti-Piracy & NexGuard, NAGRA Kudelski
  • Chris Glover, Vice President of Marketing, Freewheel (Comcast)
  • Dan Goman, Chief Executive Officer, Ateliere
  • Blair Harrison, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Frequency
  • Danni Hemberger, Director of Product Marketing, Plex
  • Bill Herman, Vice President of Advanced Advertising Sales, Spectrum Reach (Charter)
  • Diana Horowitz, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Chief operations Officer, Driver Digital Studios
  • Samuel Horowitz, Vice president of Content Acquisition and Partnerships, Tubi
  • Ashley Hovey, Chief Digital Officer, The CW Network (Nexstar Media)
  • Vibol Hou, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Paramount Global
  • Kim Hurwitz, Chief Marketing Officer, FITE (Triller)
  • Anthony Jiwa, Chief Marketing Officer, OUT TV
  • Amanda Jordyn, Head of Device & TV Marketing, Sling TV & Dish Network
  • Brian Kline, President & Chief Operating Officer, Penthera
  • John Kosner, President, Kosner Media
  • Albert Lai, Global Director of DTC & OTT Streaming for Media & Entertainment, Google
  • John Lasker, Senior Vice President, ESPN Plus (Walt Disney Company)
  • Dallas Lawrence, Chief Strategy Officer, Telly
  • Elisha Lawrence, Associate Vice President of Global Anti-Piracy & Content Security, ABS-CBN International
  • Sarah Lee, Research Analyst, Video & Entertainment, Parks Associates
  • Mike Levy, Senior Vice President of Global Rights Acquisition, Flo Sports
  • Marc Liebmann, Chief Revenue Officer, SymphonyAI Media
  • Jim Long, Chief Executive Officer, Didja
  • Michael Maponga, Chief Executive Officer, AfroLand TV
  • Lori Marion, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fade Technology
  • Tony Marlow, Chief Marketing Officer, LG Ad Solutions
  • Vikrant Mathur, Co-Founder, Future Today
  • Lauri McGarrigan, Senior Vice President of Streaming Distribution and Business Development and Operations, Hallmark Media
  • Mark Moeder, Chief Executive Officer, SymphonyAI Media
  • Julia Moonves, Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales & Brand Partnerships, Pocket Watch
  • David Mühle, Chief Executive Officer, PlayPilot
  • Luisa Helena Barone Muneratti, Senior Vice President of Sales for Americas & Iberia, Bango
  • Scott Olechowski, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Plex
  • Mike Pears, Executive Vice President of Distribution & Content Sales, AMC Networks
  • Marc Rashba, Executive Vice President of Partnerships, Cineverse
  • Stacey Richman, Senior Vice President of Communications, Team Whistle
  • Liz Riemersma, Vice President of Strategy, Business Development and International, Sling TV
  • Marty Roberts, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, Brightcove
  • Joanelle Romero, Founder President & CEO, Red Nation Television Network
  • Ross Rubin, Contributing Analyst, Parks Associates
  • Ann Schelle, Managing Director, Pearl TV
  • Peter Scott, Chief Strategy Officer, Plan Anywhere
  • Rachel Silver, Chief Executive Officer, Love Stories TV
  • Geir Skaaden, Executive Vice President and Chief Products and Services Officer, Xperi
  • Eric Sorensen, Director of Streaming Video Tracker, Parks Associates
  • Lisa Spencer, Vice President of Marketing, Irdeto
  • Bart Sprester, Vice President and General Manager of Streaming, Broadcast and Advertising, Comcast Technology Solutions
  • Stephen Strong, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, Origin
  • Chris Tanquary, Senior Director of Business Development, Strategic Accounts, Vizio
  • Jodi Teitelman, Vice President of Affiliate Sales & Platform Distribution, QVC & HSN
  • Jason Thibeault, Executive Director, Streaming Video Alliance
  • Dalaney Thompson, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, AIBuy
  • Giles Tongue, Vice President of Marketing, Bango
  • Jason Tyrrell, General Manager, Kanopy
  • Kimerbly Twiggs, Associate Vice President of Hospitality, DirecTV
  • Stefan Van Engen, Vice President of Content Programming and Partnerships, Xumo
  • Goutham Vinjamuri, Chief Operating Officer, Quickplay
  • Megan Wagoner, Vice President of Media and Entertainment Partnshipers, Endeavor Streaming
  • Ning Xu, Fellow, Advanced Research & Development, Adeia

To see the full list of Parks Associates’ Top Leaders in Technology for 2023, click or tap here.

Based near Dallas, Parks Associates is a woman-owned and women-led market research and consulting company specializing in a variety of technology-forward industries, including home automation, gaming, Internet-of-Things, mobile applications, connected health, consumer electronics, energy management and sectors.

Parks Associates conducts a number of in-person and virtual events throughout the year; the firm’s event schedule for 2024 is available online, and includes the upcoming Connections Summit, which will be held on Tuesday, January 9 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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