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Rakuten to launch free streaming channel in Poland

(Courtesy image)
(Courtesy image)

Streaming company Rakuten TV is launching its first free, ad-supported channel in Poland next month.

The channel, called Top Movies Polska, will offer Polish-language film content from European and Hollywood studios alike, and will be distributed through the Rakuten TV app across phones, tablets and smart TV devices.

“Rakuten TV has established a wide coverage across 43 countries in Europe, and Poland has always been a key market for us since its launch in 2019 via TV [on-demand], and, more recently, with [free streaming] and [ad-supported video],” Marcos Milanez, Rakuten TV’s chief content officer, said in a statement.

The channel joins around 70 other free, ad-supported content streams that are available on Rakuten TV in Poland, including Euronews, Bloomberg and a stream of Baby Shark videos. Top Movies Polska launches in mid-July, several months after Rakuten TV incorporated around 100 locally-produced Polish films into its video on-demand library.

“We strongly believe on the advertising opportunity around [connected TV] in Poland, and we’re confident on the Top Movies Polska potential, due to its top-quality Hollywood and European slate, and fully localized to the Polish audience,” Milanez affirmed.

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