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Roku to release Roku OS 12.0, end support for Roku 4 model

A Roku 4 model. (Photo: Roku, Graphic by The Desk)

Roku is preparing to release a new version of its operating system — one that will include a loss of support for at least one older Roku hardware model.

In a notice sent to developers on Monday, Roku affirmed it was in the process of rolling out Roku 12.0, which is expected to replace the current version (11.5) of its operating system within the next few months.

Few details were provided about the new version of Roku’s operating system, but it won’t support the Roku 4 (4400X) model, with Roku 11.5 being the last version of the operating system available for that device.

Roku 4 models will officially lose support on March 30, 2023. Customers who currently own a Roku 4 model will receive a notification in the coming days with an offer to upgrade to a newer Roku model.

The Roku 4 had a good run: It was released in 2015 and has been supported for nearly eight years, making it one of the longest-lasting Roku devices on the market. The model was the first to include a remote-finder button, a feature that has been made available on models that succeeded the Roku 4.

If you’re a Roku 4 owner, right now is a good time to upgrade: The successor to the Roku 4, the Roku Ultra, is currently on sale for $80 (a $20 discount off the usual price of $100). The smaller Roku Express is also on sale for $25 (a $5 discount off the usual price of $30). Other Roku models are also available on sale, and can be compared by clicking or tapping here.

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