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Amazon offers rare discount on Roku Ultra streaming player

Editor’s note: Amazon stopped offering the 30 percent deal on the Roku Ultra late Tuesday afternoon; however, Amazon is still matching the 20 percent discount found on Best Buy and Roku’s websites for the Roku Ultra, bringing the cost of the device down to $80.

Amazon is offering a rare discount on the Roku Ultra premium streaming TV device with rechargeable, voice-activated remote control.

Normally, the Roku Ultra costs $100, but Amazon shoppers who click or tap this link can score a brand-new device for just $70, a 30 percent discount.

The Roku Ultra was updated last year to include Roku’s new, rechargeable voice remote control. The remote features two customizable shortcut buttons, four quick launch buttons for popular streaming apps like Netflix, a headphone jack for private listening, a mute switch for the on-board microphone and the ability to recharge the remote control using a micro-USB cable.

The Roku Ultra device itself incorporates the 802.11 AC wireless networking standard with MIMO support, which means streamers will be able to watch the latest videos on TV sets that are even further away from their Internet routers without lag or buffering. Roku Ultra supports ultra high-definition (UHD/4K) video streams and works with TVs that have either the HDR 10 or Dolby Vision standard for enhanced color and contrast.

The Roku Ultra is a great addition for a streaming household that wants access to the best video quality for Super Bowl LVII, which will stream in upconverted 4K resolution on the free Fox Sports app and on some streaming pay TV providers like YouTube TV. Both the Fox Sports app and YouTube TV are among thousands of free streaming applications — or “channels” — available in the Roku Channel Store.

Prone to losing the remote control? No problem: The Roku Ultra features a lost remote finder button right on the unit — just press it and listen for the tones emitted from the remote control until you find it. Remote gone for good? No problem — Roku Ultra integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, making it easy to start videos and other content using just your voice.

An HDMI cable and a pair of premium earbuds are included in the box, so the Roku Ultra comes fully stocked with all the necessary equipment and gear needed to get going.

Amazon shoppers who are also Prime members can get the Roku Ultra delivered as soon as today when they buy one for 30% off using this link. Prefer to shop for your new Roku Ultra in an actual store? No problem: Shoppers who use purchase using this link can pick one up at their local Best Buy store for 20% off the normal price, bringing the cost of a brand-new Roku Ultra down to $80. After your purchase, simply chat with Best Buy online to request a price match for Amazon’s deal, and Best Buy will credit you the difference (note that this only applies to items shipped by Amazon itself, and only as long as those items are still in stock).

Don’t need all the bells and whistles offered by the Roku Ultra? Walmart has the Roku Ultra LT in stock for just $45 when shoppers purchase using this link. The Roku Ultra LT is a “lighter” version of the Roku Ultra that offers the same support for 4K video streams with HDR 10 and Dolby Vision, but without the lost remote finder or rechargeable remote control (it still offers a headphone jack, though). Instead, the remote that comes bundled with the Roku Ultra LT runs on two AA batteries (included in the box).

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