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Sacramento radio station deletes article about celebrity nude photos

(Photo: The Desk via KHYL/Twitter)
(Photo: The Desk via KHYL/Twitter)

A Sacramento radio station has removed a blog post from its website that purported to show leaked nude photographs of singer Nicki Minaj.

Contemporary hits station KHYL-FM (“V101”) posted the article Monday evening under the headline “Hackers Release Nicki Minaj Nudes! Her Body is BANGIN!” The article was posted to the blog of KHYL personality Pacey Williams.

The article consisted of only a headline and three image links that purported to show nude photographs released by a computer hacker, though one of the images appeared to come from Minaj’s public Instagram account. The third image depicted the chest of an unidentified woman with what appeared to be semen smeared onto her breasts.

(Photo: KHYL via The Desk)
(Photo: KHYL via The Desk)

KHYL is owned by iHeartMedia, the company formerly known as Clear Channel. After noticing the post Tuesday evening, The Desk reached out to an executive at iHeartMedia’s corporate office to ask if the article was consistent with the company’s standards and practices.

The executive did not return an inquiry from The Desk on Tuesday. The article was deleted hours later, as were postings on KHYL social media accounts that promoted the story.

It is unclear if Williams was disciplined for the article, though he boasted on social media Tuesday evening that he had been the target of “a lot of haters the past couple of weeks” and that the criticism was indicative of him “doing something right.”

Williams did not return a request for comment.

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