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“Profitable” San Antonio newspaper lays off 14 journalists

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Fourteen newsroom staff members were laid off from the San Antonio Express-News on Wednesday as part of a reorganization of employees across Hearst newspaper operations in the state of Texas.

The paper reported the layoffs in a news article published in print and online Thursday.

The layoffs impacted local news, sports, features and photography teams, the paper reported. Writers, editors and photographers were among those let go. Parts of the newsroom will combine with sister publication the Houston Chronicle to cover ancillary topics such as energy and immigration. The Chronicle recently laid off two staff members at the paper’s Austin bureau.

“We are still the largest newsroom in this city,” Express-News Metro Editor Nora Lopez said according to the paper. “We still own this city. It’s our city. And it’s up to us to make the choices to continue to serve our community the best that we can.”

Susan Pape, the publisher of the Express-News said the paper remains profitable.

San Antonio Express-News: Paper lays off 14 staff members as part of statewide reorganization


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