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SiriusXM launches new premium subscription plan

Satellite radio company SiriusXM Pandora unveiled a new premium subscription plan this week.

The plan, called SiriusXM Platinum VIP, allows two hardware radios to access nearly 200 SiriusXM satellite radio channels and offers two separate online logins to stream more than 350 live channels and thousands of hours of on-demand radio content.

The subscription also bundles access to, a live concert library with more than 5,000 “soundboard-quality” concert recordings, the company said.

“Platinum VIP is a terrific addition to our subscription choices and provides real value for those subscribers who love SiriusXM, want it in multiple vehicles, and want all of the premium programming that we offer,” Richard Beatty, a SiriusXM executive in charge of subscription revenue, said in a statement. “Not only are they getting the value of two subscriptions, they get added perks like special access to great SiriusXM events, concerts, in-studio shows and more.”

The new SiriusXM Platinum VIP plan costs $35 a month plus taxes and fees.

In addition to the new subscription package, SiriusXM said it is relaunching its other hardware and streaming plans under new names:

  • SiriusXM All Access is now  SiriusXM Platinum
  • SiriusXM Select is now SiriusXM Music & Entertainment
  • SiriusXM Mostly Music is now SiriusXM Music Showcase
  • SiriusXM Choice is now SiriusXM Choose & Save
  • SiriusXM Premier Streaming is now SiriusXM Streaming Platinum
  • SiriusXM Essential Streaming is now SiriusXM Music & Entertainment

While the plans have been updated to take advantage of SiriusXM’s new subscription naming convention, the channels and features have not changed. The cheapest plan, SiriusXM Music & Entertainment, costs $8 a month plus taxes and fees.

As part of its subscription plan relaunches, SiriusXM is also debuting a new try-before-you-buy feature on its streaming radio app. Users will be allowed to stream up to three hours of SiriusXM programming before they’re asked to pay for a subscription, the company said. If they like what they hear, streamers can purchase a subscription straight from SiriusXM’s iOS or Android apps.

We’re very excited to launch our new preview and in-app purchasing functionality in the [SiriusXM] App,” Beatty said. “Our Listen Free events have always been a great introduction to our service for new listeners who want to try us out.  Now, [customers] can try us out anytime and get access to so much great content with our new [SiriusXM] app preview.”

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