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STN launches HD channels on Intelsat’s Galaxy 19

A satellite dish. (Stock image, Graphic by The Desk)

Slovenia-based Satellite Telecommunications Network (STN) has launched the first high-definition television platform on Intelsat’s Galaxy 19.

The launch of the new service increases the amount of high-definition content available on Galaxy 19, which beams channels and programming from foreign media companies to audiences in the United States and Canada.

In addition to several new high-definition channels, STN is also launching an enhanced electronic program guide (EPG) that will allow satellite TV recipients in North America to browse channel lists and find program-related information from a single screen.

“We believe that the introduction of the dedicated HDTV platform on the Galaxy 19 satellite, along with our brand-new EPG capabilities, marks a significant milestone in STN’s dedication to continually strive to improve services and provide the best for our clients and their audience, delivering an overall enhanced entertainment experience,” Mitja Lovsin, the chief executive of STN, said in a statement on Tuesday.

Galaxy 19 is one of the largest free-to-air satellites orbiting North America, putting channels from the Middle East, Africa, South America and Southeast Asia in front of millions of TV viewers across the continent. The satellite also includes free access to a handful of feeds from American and Canadian networks, including the CW Network, CBC and Scripps-owned Katz Networks.

Rhys Morgan, a vice president at Intelsat, said the company was “thrilled to again enable our long-term partner STN to deliver content to viewers in North America.”

“[Galaxy 19] reaches more than 1.2 million viewers who are always looking for better quality content, and this HDTV platform will guarantee them a quality viewing experience,” Morgan said.

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