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T-Mobile changes free Apple TV Plus perk for subscribers

Some customers will now get Apple TV Plus free for the life of their plan; others will get a reduced free trial.

Some customers will now get Apple TV Plus free for the life of their plan; others will get a reduced free trial.

A television set, tablet and computer show an image of baseball as it appears on the Apple TV Plus app.
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Wireless provider T-Mobile is changing a perk that offered an expanded free trial of Apple TV Plus to most of its subscribers.

Starting on Wednesday, customers who subscribe to T-Mobile’s premium wireless package Magenta Max will receive Apple TV Plus for free through the life of their plan, the company affirmed this week. Customers with other post-paid wireless plans will be offered a six-month extended free trial of Apple TV Plus

The perk modifies one that T-Mobile offered to Magenta post-paid wireless subscribers last year, which offered a one-year free trial of Apple TV Plus as part of their subscriptions.

T-Mobile’s changes are an obvious attempt to encourage customers to sign up for the feature-filled Magenta Max, which costs $85 a month and includes unlimited, priority access to the company’s 4G LTE and 5G networks. It also comes with 100 GBs of premium hotspot data, unlimited Gogo in-flight internet connections, roaming in foreign countries and a free subscription to Netflix.

Promotions like the one between Apple and T-Mobile could help draw more subscribers to fledgling services like Apple TV Plus while offering customers a reason to stick with a wireless provider instead of switching.

The same tactic has been used by Verizon Wireless to keep customers locked in to their high-priced unlimited data plans, which offers free access to Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus in those plans. The company also offers extended trials of Apple Music and Discovery Plus on some plans.

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