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T-Mobile wireless home Internet incompatible with Hulu’s Live TV service

A T-Mobile home Internet gateway. (Still frame courtesy T-Mobile, Graphic by The Desk)

T-Mobile’s new 5G wireless home Internet service does not work with the Walt Disney Company‘s Hulu with Live TV service, The Desk has learned.

The information was provided by a source at T-Mobile who spoke on background after The Desk published a story on T-Mobile’s new 5G wireless home Internet product, which was formally unveiled to the public on Wednesday.

The service offers a handful of nice features, including unlimited access to T-Mobile’s 5G network with no data caps, a nice departure from what’s become an industry trend among legacy Internet service providers like Comcast and AT&T.

Buried in the fine print is a caveat that T-Mobile’s new Internet product won’t work with some live TV services, which seemed unusual since the company recently unveiled a partnership with Google’s YouTube TV and Philo after announcing plans last month to close their own streaming service TVision.

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T-Mobile didn’t say which streaming services wouldn’t work with the new home Internet product, but a source at the company familiar with the issue said Hulu with Live TV is not compatible at this time.

The issue stems from a “technical requirement in delivering the service,”the source said. Both companies are working to fix the issue.

Other streaming TV services, including YouTube TV and Netflix, will continue to function as normal, the source said. The on-demand version of Hulu also works just fine.

T-Mobile’s 5G wireless home Internet is available to 30 million households in the United States and costs $60 a month plus taxes and fees for customers who maintain at least one eligible wireless phone line and agree to automatic billing (AutoPay). The company says it is working hard to expand its 5G wireless home Internet to other communities across the country.

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