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T-Mobile to shut down SyncUP Pets tracking service in November

The service, which included a device that tracks dogs and cats, launched three years ago.

The service, which included a device that tracks dogs and cats, launched three years ago.

Dog and cat lovers who use T-Mobile’s SyncUP Pets tracking service to track the whereabouts of their fur babies will want to start looking for a comparable service.

Starting next month, T-Mobile says it will discontinue the SyncUP Pets tracking service, with devices no longer connecting to the wireless network after November 10. From that day onward, T-Mobile says pet owners who use the SyncUP Pets as part of their wireless service will no longer be billed for the feature.

The SyncUP Pets service launched in February 2020 and included a small tracking device that attached to a pet’s collar. It worked through the SyncUP app, which allows T-Mobile customers to track the location of various devices synced with their accounts. T-Mobile stopped selling the SyncUP Pets device earlier this year.

Affected pet owners with active SyncUP Pets tracking devices on their accounts will receive a notification on or after October 27 with more information about the change. Those with questions can call 611 from their wireless phone.

Pet lovers who want a tracking device for their dog or cat have a number of alternatives to consider:

Other SyncUP devices, including car trackers, will continue to work as normal.

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