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T-Mobile customers to get free access to upcoming streamer Vix Plus

T-Mobile says it will soon offer its wireless customers a free, one-year subscription to Spanish-language streaming TV service Vix Plus starting next month.

The announcement was made in a press release Wednesday that said eligible T-Mobile customers will have unlimited access to 4,000 hours of live soccer matches in the United States, coupled with a deep library of television shows and movies from Vix’s parent company Televisa-Univision.

“As the top wireless provider for Spanish-speaking customers in the U.S., we understand what they care about, and today we’re bringing them a whole new way to enjoy the news, TV shows, movies and live sports that matter the most, and it’s all on us,” Mike Sievert, T-Mobile’s chief executive, said in a statement.

Vix Plus will officially launch on Friday. It is a premium offshoot of the ad-supported Vix service that was originally launched as Prende TV last year. The premium service includes live soccer matches as well as original series at a cost of $7 a month.

Eligible T-Mobile customers will be able to receive a one-year subscription of Vix Plus for free as long as they maintain an active line of service. The company said T-Mobile consumer and business customers with Home Internet service or eligible unlimited wireless plans will be able to get access to Vix Plus for free, as will unlimited data customers of its prepaid wireless service Metro by T-Mobile.

“We are delighted that T-Mobile is bringing the massive value of Vix Plus to its customers,” Wade Davis, the chief executive of Televisa-Univision, said in a statement. “Vix Plus is launching with an unprecedented scope of Spanish-language content across premium series, movies, sports and more. [It] is the only service built exclusively to represent and serve the Hispanic culture, and the collaboration with T-Mobile will be the first to bring this service to its customer base.”

T-Mobile is not the only company to offer streaming video perks to its subscribers: Verizon has offered complementary access to Disney-operated streaming services to customers of its higher-tier unlimited plans, and AT&T did the same with its streaming service HBO Max until recently.

But Sievert said T-Mobile customers are offered more perks for less compared to other wireless companies.

Sievert said it was an example of T-Mobile offering more value to its customers without raising prices on them, in contrast to what rival companies AT&T and Verizon have done over the last few years.

“While AT&T and Verizon are actually raising prices on their longtime customers, we’re doing things the Un-carrier way and giving our customers more without the added cost,” he said.

T-Mobile says the Vix Plus perk will be available to eligible customers next month. In addition to Vix Plus, eligible T-Mobile customers also get free access to Apple TV Plus and the ad-supported tier of Paramount Plus for free when they sign up for each using their T-Mobile account. Some plans also receive the standard definition tier of Netflix for free.

T-Mobile also offers a one-year, 50 percent discount on streaming service YouTube TV to customers of its Home Internet service and discounts on YouTube TV and entertainment-focused streamer Philo to some of its wireless customers on unlimited data plans. Metro by T-Mobile customers on the prepaid brand’s top unlimited data tier get a free subscription to Amazon Prime, which includes access to Prime Video.

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