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Tablo offers sale on new over-the-air DVRs

Retail boxes for the Tablo Dual Lite and the Tablo Quad. (Photo: Matthew Keys/The Desk)

If you’re thinking about cutting the cable or satellite cord, or dropping an expensive streaming TV service, you’ll want to check out this deal from Canadian electronics manufacturer Nuvyyo.

Right now, the company is offering a $50 discount on its popular Tablo Dual Lite model, making the two-tuner digital video recorder (DVR) just $100 before tax with the promo code PRICEMATCHDUAL at check-out. (Free shipping is included with purchase.)

The Tablo Dual Lite works with an over-the-air antenna to pull in and record free, digital broadcast television signals, giving viewers access to major, high-definition network affiliates like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and PBS coupled with dozens of digital-only broadcast networks like Bounce TV, Ion Television, World Channel, Court TV, Laff, Stadium, Me TV, This TV and many more. (Available channels vary by location.)

Anyone can plug an antenna straight into the back of their TV set and pick up free channels like the ones mentioned above. But if you want to watch broadcast TV on other devices, you’re out of luck — unless you get a Tablo.

Tablo takes a broadcast TV signal and converts it into a feed that can be watched across many streaming devices, including smartphones, tablets, some game consoles and computers. Even better, Tablo works with most streaming TV devices — including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV — with just one Tablo box and one antenna.

The Tablo Dual Lite requires an external USB 2.0 hard drive to record live TV signals for playback across devices at a later time. The Tablo Dual Lite has two tuners built right into the box, which allows viewers to watch and record programs on two different channels simultaneously.

Watch or record a lot of TV? Tablo has a solution for that, too: The Tablo Quad offers the same functionality as the Tablo Dual Lite, but with four internal tuners, which allows live playback and recording of four channels simultaneously. The Tablo Quad normally goes for $200, but Nuvyyo is knocking $20 off the price with discount code PRICEMATCHQUAD, making the gadget $180 before tax. (Like the Tablo Dual Lite deal, free shipping is included with purchase.)

Want to pick up a device today and live near a Best Buy store? Good news: Best Buy is offering the same discount on both the Tablo Dual Lite and Tablo Quad models where supplies are available. Just be sure to also pick up an external hard drive (and an antenna, if you need one), to make the most of your new Tablo device. Both deals offer free shipping to a store or directly to your home, though Best Buy’s return policy (14 days with most purchases) is not as generous as Tablo’s (30 days) should you decide the device isn’t for you, so if you want to try it before you commit, it might be better to buy directly from Tablo’s website with the promo codes mentioned below.

Whether you buy from Tablo’s website or Best Buy, all new devices come with a free, 30-day trial of Tablo’s premium live TV guide subscription, which offers 14 days of television listings across all accessible channels as well as special menus within the Tablo app for movies, sports and prime-time shows. Tablo also offers a handful of other premium features, too, including the ability to stream live and recorded TV away from home and a commercial-skip feature for most recorded shows.

Both sales run through April 16.

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