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TCL TV Plus adds 13 new free streaming channels

TCL unveils a new slate of consumer electronics at CES 2022. (Courtesy image)
TCL unveils a new slate of consumer electronics at CES 2022. (Courtesy image)

TCL’s free, ad-supported streaming television service TCL TV Plus has added 13 new linear content streams.

The channels launching this week include Judge Faith, Nolly Africa, Craftsy TV, Pursuit Up, Beyond Paranormal, Mav TV Select, Watch Mojo and Family Time, the company said on Tuesday.

TCL has been building up its free, ad-supported streaming service over the past few years. TCL TV Plus is available on TCL-branded smart TVs in North America that run Google TV (Android TV), and will soon be offered on TCL-branded Roku TVs and other TCL smart TVs in the United States and Canada.

The full list of streaming TV channels added to TCL Plus TV as supplied by the company is below:

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Get stories like these in your inbox, plus free breaking news alerts on business and policy matters involving media and tech.

Judge Faith  — From a Louisiana beauty queen to a Wall Street attorney to a tough New York City prosecutor. Faith Jenkins has traveled nearly every walk of life, fighting adversity every step of the way. Now, she brings her tough, no-nonsense style of justice into her own courtroom on her own show….JUDGE FAITH. Put your faith in her AND her decisions, because she is…JUDGE FAITH.

Nolly Africa — Nolly Africa HD is a 24-hour premium Nollywood channel, showing carefully curated English language Nollywood movies, series, talk shows, reality productions and all things Nollywood.

Craftsy TV — Embracing the process, trying new things, reveling in surprises and imperfections; all contribute to the immense satisfaction that comes with lifelong learning.

Beyond Paranormal — Follow the best paranormal investigators as they explore some of the most terrifying locations and capture the scariest paranormal activity. With firsthand extreme ghost stories, to the UFO sightings, and conspiracy theories, Beyond Paranormal Channel brings the best docu-series, documentaries, and vodcasts from the paranormal/supernatural universe.

Pursuit Up  — We Deliver The Outdoors.

Air & Space — A channel dedicated to the immersive, exciting and far-reaching world of air and space, with programming that fuels our passion and inspires our imagination to take flight.

FloRacing  — Behind-the-scenes coverage and original programming for over 25 different sports. In addition to grassroots motorsports, other categories of motorsports available on FloRacing include drag racing, motocross, supercross, snowmobile racing and more.

MAV TV Select — Dedicated exclusively to the global culture of motorsports by delivering an exclusive line-up of racing and documentary specials.

Watch Mojo — Watch Mojo is your go-to channel for the fandom inspired by popular Movies, TV, Music, Comics, Video Games and Pop Culture. Tune in for lists and coverage of the hottest franchises, characters and celebrities!

Hipstr  — Discover alternative entertainment on Hipstr – challenging norms, celebrating diversity.

Travel Escapes — Escape the boredom of daily routine and get Insider access to places and experiences that are on everyone’s bucket list. From spectacular travel locations to some of the world’s most-unique culinary destinations, Travel Escapes brings to you the history, cuisine, and cultures that connect the world.

Go Traveler — Go Traveler is your front-row seat to the world. From travel hosts who have been featured on The Discovery Channel to PBS, our extensive collection includes a look into the history, cultures, and food from around the globe.

Family Time — Rediscover timeless entertainment with iconic TV classics, family-friendly films, and inspiring originals for all ages.

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