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The Desk to temporarily suspend publication

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Update, January 8: The Desk has suspended publication following a severe weather event in Northern California. The website will not publish from Sunday, January 8 to Tuesday, January 10.

Original story from January 3, 2023:

The Desk will not publish news articles on Wednesday or Thursday due to a severe weather event.

The event, which will see an atmospheric river system combine with a bomb cyclone, is forecast to impact large parts of Northern California, where The Desk’s parent company Solano Media, LLC is based.

The severe storm is expected to result in property damaged, prolonged power outages, localized flooding and potential loss of life, according to a forecaster with the National Weather Service office in San Francisco.

“This will likely be one of the most-impactful systems on a widespread scale that this meteorologist has seen in a long while,” the forecaster wrote. “This is truly a brutal system that we are looking at, and needs to be taken seriously.”

As part of a reallocation of resources and in preparation of the storm, including the potential need to evacuate, The Desk will suspend publishing late Tuesday evening.

It is the second time in The Desk‘s 10-year history that the website has suspended publication due to a weather-related emergency. In 2020, The Desk stopped publishing news articles for several days after a lightning-sparked wildfire triggered evacuation orders for the county where the website is based. Six people were killed and hundreds of structures were either damaged or completely destroyed by the fire.

The Desk is expected to resume normal publishing on Friday.

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