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Verizon refreshes logo, brings streaming perks to Home Internet users

Verizon's refreshed logo. (Courtesy image)
Verizon’s refreshed logo. (Courtesy image)

Verizon is introducing access to certain streaming and subscription perks for its wireless Home Internet users as part of a brand identity refresh.

The perks have largely been available only to those who subscribe to Verizon’s postpaid wireless Internet service when accessed through a customer benefits program called MyPlan. Now, Verizon is introducing the same discounted streaming perks and bundles for users of its wireless Home Internet service, with the benefit branded as “MyHome.”

MyHome will allow home Internet subscribers to access perks like a $10 bundle that offers Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus for one low price. Customers can also purchase a membership to Walmart One, which includes free access to Paramount Plus Essentials, also for $10. Perks purchased through MyHome are billed directly to a customer’s Verizon bill, making it easier for customers to manage subscriptions and pay for them through a bill they’re already accustomed to paying on a monthly basis.

“A year ago, Verizon introduced the industry’s most customizable mobile plan with MyPlan, which continues to be upgraded with new exclusive offerings based on customer feedback,” a Verizon spokesperson said on Wednesday. “Now, all Verizon Home Internet customers can also benefit from choice, flexibility and value with the launch of MyHome: a one-stop shop for internet, entertainment and connected home offerings.”

Verizon Home Internet leverages Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G wireless network to deliver broadband connection speeds to customers without the typical wire-from-the-wall set-up. The service uses a dedicated gateway that combines a modem and router in one, which can be placed in any room of a customer’s home. Verizon is prioritizing the deployment of its home Internet service in areas where its 5G and 5G Ultra-Wideband signals are the strongest. Verizon Home Internet costs around $50 per month, but can cost as low as $35 per month when bundled with an eligible postpaid wireless plan.

MyHome and MyPlan are separate from Verizon Plus-Play (stylized as +play), a subscription streaming marketplace that is powered by Bango and which allows customers to purchase streaming services and unique bundles, sometimes at a discount. All three programs are powered by Bango, a provider of technology that allows subscription-based services to resell access to other subscription-based services in a way that helps boost customer loyalty, makes subscription management easier and reduces churn.

In addition to the launch of MyHome for home Internet subscribers, Verizon is also rolling out a refreshed brand identity that includes an updated logo and the launch of Verizon Access, which offers pre-sales and giveaways to exclusive events and experiences like Copa America matches, NFL football games, concerts and more.

Verizon Business customers are also getting a new feature that allows them to manage smartphones associated with their account, from shipping and setup of a new device to replacement and recycling of an old one. “This allows customers flexibility on how they procure and provision devices for their business — and Verizon is the only U.S. carrier currently offering it,” the company said. Verizon Business customers can learn more about the new program, called Verizon Business Complete, by clicking or tapping here.

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