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Walmart begins shipping new version of $20 Android TV device

The gadget is one of the cheapest to support 4K video streams on the market.

The gadget is one of the cheapest to support 4K video streams on the market.

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Walmart is now shipping an updated version of its Onn-branded Android TV streaming puck.

The device, which first appeared at Walmart two years ago, was put on clearance late last year as Walmart and Onn worked on a new version of the Android TV gadget. That new version is now available to shoppers when purchased through, with the device itself hitting store shelves on May 1.

The Onn Android TV device supports ultra-high definition (UHD/4K) video and Dolby audio for just $20, making it one of the cheapest streaming TV devices on the market. Like other Android TV-powered devices, the Onn Android TV puck is powered by the new Google TV interface and offers access to thousands of streaming TV and music apps, including Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Peacock, Hulu, YouTube, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Spotify, Apple Music and others.

The Onn Android TV puck has one of the best remote controls on the market, which includes dedicated volume, power and input buttons for TV sets, as well as shortcut buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus and Paramount Plus (the previous version of the device had a shortcut for HBO Max instead of Paramount Plus; Walmart offers an extended free trial of Paramount Plus to its Walmart One members).

What makes this device different from the previous generation is support for the new AV1 codec, which Google is pushing on app developers and hardware makers alike. The codec requires updated internal hardware, which the previous generation Onn Android TV puck didn’t support. Interestingly, Walmart used to sell an Onn-branded Android TV stick that went on clearance last year for around $15, and a new version of that device has yet to surface, suggesting the retailer is going all-in on the Onn Android TV puck as its flagship streaming device.

Check out the Onn Android TV streaming puck at by clicking or tapping here. Walmart offers free shipping to stores, or Walmart One members can get free delivery to their homes.

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