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Sinclair TV manager: Stop pasting boogers on bathroom walls

For some reason, television station bathrooms are notoriously messy, despite the fact that most of its employees went to college and otherwise appear to be functioning adults.

But the situation at one television station in particular has reached a new level, one that warranted its own special memo.

On Tuesday, Mary Margaret Nelms, the vice president and general manager of Charleston, South Carolina MyNetwork TV affiliate WCIV-TV (Channel 36), asked employees to keep “a clean, sanitary environment” after learning the men’s restroom at the station was not being kept up.

Among other issues, Nelms wrote she understood there to be boogers on the wall of the bathroom.

“I never thought I would have to write a memo like this,” the executive, who has worked in television news for nearly two decades, said in the all-staff memo. “Gross.”

The men’s room booger memo. (Image: The Desk)

WCIV, which also operates as an ABC affiliate, is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

Correction: An earlier version of this story erroneously placed the television station in North Carolina. WCIV operates from South Carolina. 

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