Locast suspends operations after court ruling

Streaming broadcast television service Locast announced on Thursday it would immediately suspend its operation in the three dozen regional markets where it offers service. The announcement marked a stunning reversal of business for the not-for-profit streamer, which had previously affirmed it would continue operating despite an unfavorable court ruling in a federal copyright infringement lawsuit brought by the four largest networks in the country. “As a non-profit, Locast was designed from the very beginning to operate in accordance with the strict letter of the law,” a spokesperson for Locast wrote in a letter to customers on Thursday. “But in response to the court’s recent rulings, with which we respectfully disagree, we are hereby suspending operations, effective immediately.” On Tuesday, District Court Judge Louis Stanton rejected Locast’s affirmative defense and motion for summary judgment in the copyright suit brought by the … Read more

Locast launches on Vizio smart TVs

Local broadcast streamer Locast is now natively integrated into Vizio’s line of smart television sets, the company announced on Wednesday.