Locast expands to another television market

The service is now supplying local broadcast stations over the Internet in the tri-cities area of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia.
(Logo: Locast, Graphic: The Desk)

Locast announced on Monday its expansion to another local market, one that serves television viewers across three states.

Starting today, residents in the Bristol, Virginia television market will have access to more than two dozen local broadcast television stations delivered by Locast through the Internet.

Those stations include major network affiliates, including local ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox stations, along with a handful of independent and digital-only outlets.

The market serves television viewers in the “tri-cities” region, which includes residents in portions of Kentucky and Tennessee.

Locast said it teamed up with a local municipal electricity provider in order to deliver its streaming television service in Bristol. The partnership will see Locast’s servers and other data-related technology hosted at Bristol Tennessee Essential Services.

Locast is available in 31 other television markets, including New York City, Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The service is accessible on TiVo, DirecTV and Dish Network smart television receivers as well as streaming platforms operated by Apple, Google’s Android, Amazon and Roku.

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